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Belvedere Benevolent Association

The Belvedere Benevolent Association (BBA) is a charitable non-profit organisation. Its primary purpose is to provide support and assistance to fellow Belvederians and their dependents who have suffered hardship in their lives. It is a cause of Belvederians for Belvederians.

Personal difficulties tend to be financial, health, psychological, social or otherwise. Sometimes the assistance requires the input of an independent (professional) third party and the BBA can arrange such advice and support.
The BBA where appropriate may grant financial assistance, organise support groups or organise professional help. Some people merely need support and direction. The work of the BBA is totally confidential to those providing and receiving information and assistance.

If you require assistance you can contact the BBA committee in complete confidentiality by emailing

You can also contact, committee members

Berchmans Gannon 086-2555658

Andy Kinsella 086-8520565
Cillian Murphy 086-8564662 

Darragh Lynch 086 6045581

Mark Yalloway 087-2034877

Belvedere Benevolent Associati
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