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Guide for Presenters


  1. Please ad there to the times advertised.We start on time and we end on time.
  2. It is good to set the scene at the start of the presentation in terms of format,timing, handaling questions etc.
  3. If using technology check if beforehand to be sure it works. Let us know what you need so that we can organise it for you well in advance.

Tehnical/Sector presentations e.g. Use of social networking/ Doing business abroad etc.

  • Remember the attendees can get advice on products and services in many places. Avoid overt company advertising. It’s a turnoff for the audience. 
  • Focus on the sector/ topic itself rather than your role within it
  • Give an overview assuming little knowledge – where do people start, what should they be asking, what budgets should be considered.
  • Make sure they leave the Forum with at least 3/4 things that will change the way they approach their business.

Personal Presentations e.g. how I started my company

  • At the Forum there is an element of “in camera” so make it personal, share the experience and emotion as much as any technical learning where appropriate


  1. Give 3/5 quick wins/ actions that can be taken by attendees easily

  2. Suggest where to go for more information including the competition

  3. Share “tricks of the trade” where appropriate

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