Lourdes Society

The Belvedere Lourdes Society, established circa 1950, supports the 20 students from Rhetoric who travel to Lourdes each September to work with the sick by subsidising their costs. The pupils travel on two pilgrimages the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes and the Oblates Pilgrimage to Lourdes. The Society also sponsors a pilgrim (generally from the local area or an older past pupil of the school) to travel to Lourdes in September each year. Furthermore, the Society provides network of friendship and support for past pupils who continue to travel to Lourdes each year to care for the sick. A significant number of Belvederians return each year to help, and constitute an important pool of the annual volunteers needed to assist the visiting pilgrims.


Back Row: Niall Miller, Tom Kenny, Rob ODonoghue, Tommy Hickey, Conor Hickey 82, Conor Gannon 05, Eoin Wallace 92, John Derby 96, Ed Caraher 95, Oran Doyle 95, Stan Natin 85, Stephen Cuningham 12, Niall Barnes 12, Ciaran Boylan 12, Sean Haughey 12, Brian Briscoe 12

3rd Row: Stephen Curtis, Stuart Donnelly,  Ben Conroy 11,  Kevin Curtis11, Ronan Spain 11, Sean Devilley 11, Ross Mullen 12, Eoin McCullagh 13

2nd Row: Luke Webb, Geoff Natin, Conor Stone, Diarmuid Leahy, Rory Flood 08, Cormack OBrien, Eoin Kilkenny, Cian OCallaghan 07, Conor Taaffe 07, Simon Galligan 13, Conor McCarthy 13, Cian Leahy 13, Brian Quinn 13, Joe Leahy 13

Front Row: Dominick Natin 78, Terry McMullen, Br. Eamonn Davis S.J., Michael Cassidy 44

Missing:, Will Flannagan and Austin Quirke former Staff, Fr. Paddy Sweeney 62, Adam Lowe 05, Killian Cleary 69, Aedan McKinly 12, Killian Foley 11 Gareth ODonoghue 95


Information on the experiences and work of pupils from the school can be accessed at:

1) Photos: click here

2) Video (2008): click here 

3) Testimonial from a student who travelled and a Belvederian (past and present) group photo (2009): click here

For all inquires and If you would like to donate to the Belvedere Lourdes Society or know of a sick or older Belvederian in financial difficulty that would like to travel to Lourdes please contact: Eoin Carroll (Hon. Secretary, Belvedere College Society of Our Lady of Lourdes) [email protected]

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