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Pay it Forward

This is a new initiative designed to strengthen the Forum and provide valuable services to members. It is born out of a number of factors

  1. The Forum’s remit is to “Facilitate Belvederians in generating business for each other.”
  2. The survey we conducted in February/ March suggested that mentoring and business advice were issues that arose in the survey as potentially helpful to members.
  3. As Irish people we are often reluctant to be clear in terms of how we can get connected, how much we are prepared to do, whether we expect reciprocation etc.
  4. We all know that if we are looking to sell a product or service then someone else has to buy that product or service. Where we may not be in a position to buy from other members  this enables us to give something to keep momentum and balance in the Forum


The initiative is structured as follows

  • By attending the Forum events, each member would agree to give an hour of their time for specific advice/mentoring/help to any other Forum Member free of charge.  For example, rather than meet and connect with a lawyer and talk in general about what they do, what areas they specialise in etc we would be able to contact that lawyer for an hour of specific advice.
  • An opt-out principle would be adopted rather than an opt-in. This is because the initiative  is at the heart of the network principle, the idea of strengthening relationships and the view that we need to be prepared to give if we wish to receive
  • We will use the Belvedere Union website/LinkedIn to house database of members and skills.


Next Steps

We would ask all members to submit your details below. The services products to be offered could be specific e.g. legal advice, purchasing review, marketing advice or it may be broader. An individual may feel they can offer experiences such as starting or closing a business, expanding abroad or starting a family while starting a business


  • We will get access to good quality advice. We will be able to then decide if we wish to pay for further advice.
  • We get to present our skills in a real life scenario rather than generic conversations over coffee generating potential for further business and powerful references
  • Trust relationships and real experiences and benefits are brought to the Forum
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